Musica tradizionale e classica Gruppi musicali e di danza
provenienti dall’Italia e dalla Corea


VC Strings Orchestra (Pohang)
Jam Academy (Lucca)
Scuola Sinfonia (Lucca)
Scuola Vivi e Danza (Lucca)

Special Guest

Sop. SungHyun Cho(Seoul)
DMC Childrens Choir (Daejeon)

direzione artistica
Riccardo Morici

organizzato da
Seform (Lucca) – ITARTE (Seoul-Korea)

Programma di Sala

VC Strings Quintetto
Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, Winter – A.Pazzolla

VC Strings Orchestra
Hungarian Dance No5 – J.Brahms
Toreador (Carmen) – G.Bizet (Bar Bumsik WOO)
Habanera (Carmen) – G Bizet (M.Sop Yewon LEE)

Gruppo Vocale StereoTipi per Scuola Sinfonia

O Magnum Mysterium – Tomas Luis De Victoria
Capricciata e Contrappunto bestiale alla mente – Adriano Banchieri

Jam Academy music school
Brano 1
Brano 2

Vivi e Danza dance school
Brano 1
Brano 2

Special Guest
Qui la voce sua soave – V. Bellini (Sop. SungHyun Cho) / Pf. Massimo Salotti
Oggi sono io il protagonista – DMC Childrens Choir

VC Strings Orchestra
Merry Go Round of Life – Hisaishi Joe
A Town With an Ocean View – Hisaishi Joe
The Nutcracker Suite – P.Tchaikovsky
(con i ballerini di VIVI e DANZA)

Ensemble music
Hollo Arirang (Musica Tradizionale coreana) – Arr. Handoll

La Storia di Hollo Arirang

Arirang è per i coreani qualcosa di più di un canto popolare, è un po’ come un inno nazionale, di cui esistono però diverse versioni regionali. Una versione più recente è questo Hollo Arirang, titolo che si può tradurre con «Arirang da soli», che manifesta il grande desiderio di non cantare più da soli, separatamente, questa antica melodia, ma di cantarla insieme come un unico popolo riunificato, Nord e Sud.

Partecipanti internazionali

VCS started in the summer of 2019.Its inaugural concert was held and it also played music in the opening ceremony of the Forest Olympiad in 2019. It had a summer music camp, 3 times of concerts for schools and the first concert in 2020. Summer camps, VCS summer Concerts, and the second and third regular concerts were held in 2021 and 2022. It was invited to perform at lots of large and small concerts, and participated in American music camps by interacting with San Dieg ersity in USA.VCS is an organization composed of about 50 members, including the art director Yena Lee, who plays the string instruments such as the violin, viola, cello and double-base.

Vn1/ Yeji Eom. Yeongin Nam. Gahyeon Shim. Changsoo Oh. Rahui Lee. Seongeun Lee. Suyung Lee. Junseok Lee. Seohyun Choi.Vn2/ Jihee Ryu .Woobin Kwon .Dasol Kim .Seohyun Kim .Eunsong Kim .Chaerin Kim . Hyunmo Kim. Hyeonjeong Kim. Heejung Kim. Hangyeol Park. Aerim Won. Junseo Heo. Va/ Sarah Jang. Yoonhee Choi. Vc/ Sungmo Kim. Hongseo Kyun. Hojun Lee. Hyeji Jo Dogyeong Heo Acc/ Hueongjeong Kim. Hanseul Kim

Presidente Da Sol Kim & Yoon Hee Choi
Just as notes and rests gather to make beautiful music, our lives become beautiful when rest and vitality are in harmony. < Korea Goeunsori Institute of Art Educational > helps children, youth, adults, and the elderly, regardless of disability/non-disabled, to enjoy a beautiful life by providing rest and vitality through music therapy and integrated arts education.In addition, we are making efforts to spread culture and arts based on various education and cooperation for this.The Korea Goeunsori Institute of Art Educational was founded by three music therapists in 2021. It is an institution that provides various classes such as Goeunsori Ensemble, school music class, instrument certificate, and family music class.

She graduated from G. Puccini Conservatory in La Spezia and L. Cherubini in Florence in the highest marks, and made her debut by the role of Gilda in the opera Rigoletto at International Competition City of Pisa Tribute to Titta Ruffo.

DMC Childrens Choir supported by Daejeon Metropolitan Museum DMC Children Choir intended to students in Daejeon was established to actively promote exibitions and events held by Daejeon Metropolitan Museum leading Daejoen‘s history and traditional culture. Consisting of children who are talented and take pride in Daejeon, DMC Children Choir gets educated for the program of professional cultural art combining history, science and music and delivers the message of harmony with dreams and hopes to people of all levels of society.

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